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Genuine Black Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstones have been used throughout time for their different attributes and benefits.

 Black Tourmaline is known as "The Energy Bouncer" because of it's protective qualities. Due to it's association to the Root Chakra, this gemstone works like a sponge, soaking up all of the negative energy that surrounds it. Black Tourmaline can prevent unwated energy from entering yur home, mind, body or spirit. 

Black Tourmalines healing properties are also highly grounding and stabalizing because of it's association with the lower chakras. By grounding your energy, this gemstone provides a deep sense of security and helps you feel safe as you move thruoghout the world.

This gemstone bracelet is made using 6mm stones, which will allow you to layer it with other healing gemstone bracelets for optimal healing and alignment. 

All gemstone bracelets are cleansed and charged before being sent out.