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Genuine Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstones have been used throughout time for their different attributes and benefits.

Lapis Lazuli also known as "The Wisdom Keeper" is known for opening the Third Eye Chakra. 

The meaning of Lapis Lazuli is closely connected to mental awareness and intuition. This beautiful gemstone can help you reclaim your power and step into the drivers seat in your life. 

Lapis Lazuli includes subtle amounts of Pyrite which helps balance the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra. With these two energy centers in harmony they merge your personal desires and divine will. 

Lapis Lazuli will empower you to shine your light into the world with confidence and authenticity. This gemstone is especially powerful for anyone looking to make a big shift in their life such as changing careers or moving. If you're unsure of what direction to go in, Lapis Lazuli will remind you to life your life for yourself and make the decisions that are best for you. 

This gemstone bracelet is made using 6mm stones, which will allow you to layer it with other healing gemstone bracelets for optimal healing and alignment. 

All gemstone bracelets are cleansed and charged before being sent out.