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Genuine Unakite Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstones have been used throughout time for their different attributes and benefits.

Unakite is known as the gemstone for "Living In The Now." The magic of Unakite stones is their ability to inspire you to realize how quickly time slips through your fingers. 

The vibes of the Unakite stone help to loosen the grip that the rules of society have on our collective consciousness. With the Unakite gemstone you can get ready to start checking things off of your bucket list and go after your dreams because there is no time like the present.

Unakite helps to release you from painful memories of the past because it awakens the wise voice that keeps you anchored to the present moment. With this amazing gemstone, you will gain the courage to be yourself and quiet down your inner cynic.

This gemstone bracelet is made using 6mm stones, which will allow you to layer it with other healing gemstone bracelets for optimal healing and alignment. 

All gemstone bracelets are cleansed and charged before being sent out.