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Genuine Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstones have been used throughout time for their different attributes and benefits.

Sodalite, also known as "The Harmonizer" is associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. The deep blue coloration of the stone gives it a soothing and calming energy. The specific combination of energies in Sodalite make it an ideal healing tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual growth, strengthen their self-expression or tap into their intuition. 

Sodalite fuses your heart and your head, allowing you to speak and communicate from your heart as well as ensuring that you show up in life as the most authentic version of your self. By connecting these two energy centers, Sodalite guides you to align what you think and what you feel which is a powerful asset when it comes to communicating whether that be in your personal life, professional life and beyond. 

The properties of Sodalite has a stress relieving effect that guides you to a calm state of mind when you feel nervous, worried or tense. The calming crystal energy clears away unwanted feelings that prevent you from expressing yourself honestly and truthfully and being authentic to who you really are with yourself as well as others. 

Sodalite also gently reminds you to think before you speak to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications.

This gemstone bracelet is made using 6mm stones, which will allow you to layer it with other healing gemstone bracelets for optimal healing and alignment. 

All gemstone bracelets are cleansed and charged before being sent out.