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Genuine Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstones have been used throughout time for their different attributes and benefits.

 Turquoise is known throughout the gemstone world as "The Master Healer." If you've been putting self care on the back burner or neglecting action items directly related to your well being, call on your Turquoise stones.

The meaning of Turquoise is connected to the healing energy of water which is the life giving element that sustains the planet and origins of life itself. The energy of renewal and rejuvenation is what gives Turquoise it's unique ability to support intentions of healing and overall well-being.

The Turquoise stone can guide you to a state of calm and tranquility which aids in stress-relief and the elimination of negative energies. You can also use the healing properties of Turquoise for energetic protection and shielding. 

This gemstone bracelet is made using 6mm stones, which will allow you to layer it with other healing gemstone bracelets for optimal healing and alignment. 

All gemstone bracelets are cleansed and charged before being sent out.