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Silicone and Beechwood Teething Ring


Do you know the benefits of silicone teething rings vs the store brought teething rings?

  1. Silicone is safe and soft to chew on repeatedly to soothe your baby’s gums
  2. Silicone teethers are easy to clean
  3. The variety of textures and shapes help your baby to learn
  4. Can help improve fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and grip strength
  5. High entertainment value, babies love silicone teethers
  6. Easy to travel with, put in a diaper bag, take on a trip, or have a few spares around the house
  7. Versatile, silicone can be frozen safely and used as a freezer teether for extra soothing
  8. Silicone teethers are ADORABLE! With the many different styles available, they can be a fashion accessory for your baby

And what is the purpose of the added Beechwood? Beechwood has natural antibacterial properties which make it safer than any of the plastic alternatives. The Beechwood in our teethers has been specially made, so it does not splinter and it aids in helping your babies teeth break through the gum line with ease. The silicone then soothes your babies gums! 

These teethers are the absolute best you can buy! They are made in a smoke free environment with gloves and masks worn through the entire process.  Make the switch today! Your baby will thank you :-)


Cleaning Instructions :

Both wood and silicone are antimicrobial. DO NOT submerge your wooden toys in water or allow them to get super wet for a long time. Just use a damp cloth ,and a mild dish soap to clean, use sparingly.